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EZ BIBS dental bibs
EZ BIBS dental bibs
The unique waterproof and absorbing design is convenient to users
The back thin film craft enhances the anti- peel strength to guarantee the safe protection.
EZ CAP medical cap
EZ CAP Double Stitches medical caps.
Fan Folded Style
Material : 12-14 g/sm Spunbond polypropylene
Colour : White, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red
Sizes : Customized sizes.
EZ MED facemask
EZ MED face masks, ear-loop, 3-layers.
A perfect combination of safety, quality and comfort
Latex Free
EZ MED mask was designed to meet highest standards of protection from dust particles and bacteria.
All materials are of medical grade quality that ensures a nonirritating, odourless, and fibre-glass free product.
For comfort, the interior nose bridge is made of plastic coated wire that can be molded to fit faces, and the low delta pressure allows comfortable breathing.
Material : Spunbond polypropylene, 3ply
Colour : Green or Blue
Size 90 X 180 mm
EZ SHOES shoe covers
Бахилы полиэтиленовые одноразового использования
EZ SHOES non-woven shoe covers made of PPSB (Polypropelene Spun Bond) or PE (Poly Ethelene) economical foot coverings that fit all sizes.
Material : Spunbond polypropylene, 40g/m2 & PE
Colour : White or Blue
Sizes : Regular Shoe
GOWN surgical gown
Surgical Gowns
EZMEDIX Surgical Gowns are produced from the finest surgical protective material. This biodegradable material is comfortable to wear while it protects medical personnel from bacterial infections.
Our gowns have been designed to meet the highest standards. Reinforced gowns feature a non-woven laminated lining in the front and forearms.
Type: sterile, non-sterile.
Material : Polyester/Cellulose Blend Bonded and water repellant treated , 40-65 gsm
Colour : Blue, White
Sizes : Medium, Large
MAEZTRO examination gloves
MAEZTRO Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves
Made from natural rubber latex.
Good chemical resistance to acids, alkaline and detergents.
Latex film provides excellent flexibility and tear resistant.
Biodegradable and environmental friendly.
Rolled cuffed for extra cuff strength, easier donning and increased protection against chemical droplets.
Advanced chlorinated process to minimize particulate contamination and substantially reduce water soluble latex proteins.
Provide powder-free environment.
Suitable for use in controlled environment
Extractable protein contents < than 50.
Available in 5 sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large)
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